Yakima sewer line camera inspections

Inland Trenchless crew member performing sewer line camera inspection for residential customer. Image courtesy Inland Trenchless of Eastern Washington
Inland Trenchless offers Yakima camera inspections free of charge with any bid! Call 509-655-3360

What makes up a high quality sewer line camera inspection?

Inland Trenchless offers Yakima camera inspections free of charge to Yakima residents and business owners.  Check out what a true camera inspection includes and we think you’ll agree that Inland Trenchless offers topnotch sewer repair services.

Camera sewer line inspections are usually performed for homeowners and business’s alike.  Inland Trenchless offers the consumer high quality video inspections of your sewer pipes.

Not all camera inspections are the same.

Not all sewer pipe camera inspections are created equal.  You need to understand what a ‘good’ camera inspection covers. Make no mistake, careful and accurate interpretation of the camera video recording is important.  This interpretation can only be accomplished by years of experience, and good old fashioned, ‘know-how’. 

Reading Google customer reviews can tell you if the sewer repair company you are choosing, ‘knows their stuff’.

When a customer inquires about our services, a highly qualified camera technician shows up to customers home at customers convenience and greets customer.  The sewer line camera inspection proceeds by finding an accessible portion of the sewer line. The technician determines best place to start camera inspection, i.e., usually an easily accessible cleanout is used, or in certain instances, a roof vent may be utilized.  Sometimes the customers toilet is removed for easier access to sewer main via video.  (This is more rarer, but sometimes can be the only cost effective means to gain access to the sewer lines emptying into the sewer main.)

The technician then cameras the line and records findings for customer including location points along the length of the sewer line, usually ending when the side sewer empties into the sewer main.  These newer sewer line camera’s are great when locating certain problem points in the sewer line.  The camera records the depth and distance, along with direction the line takes as it leaves the home. (This distance can vary greatly, but can exceed well over 100 feet in length). This is a great benefit for those homeowners that have sewer issues underneath driveways or concrete slabs.  Can you imagine tearing up the entire driveway to find a blockage?  This used to be the case in the days before sewer line camera inspections.  Gone are the days of homeowners ripping up their basement floors or garage concrete slabs, not to mention complicated and expensive patio pavers.

Concrete floor saved by utilizing trenchless technology using pipe burst methods. Image credit: Inland Trenchless.
Only by camera video inspection can the guesswork be taken out by utilizing camera inspection. Call Inland Trenchless at 509-655-3360 and save YOUR concrete slab.

Sewer camera inspection videos can also be used in verifying insurance claims. 

A number of homeowners have insurance coverage for loss/damage to their homes from sewer line issues. The side sewer camera inspections can prove loss.  Of  course, this can ONLY happen when the technician has the vast experience to understand the questioning by various insurance houses.

Damaged Orangeburg pipe from residential sewer pipe failure. Courtesy Inland Trenchless.
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Proof of sewer line integrity using the video camera inspection.

These videos can also be used for future home sales as proof of sewer line integrity. Today, possible sewer line issues are put to rest as sewer main videos can be provided to potential home purchasers.  Often, home inspectors are requesting sewer line camera inspections to be provided as part of their overall home inspections. Residential appraisers will sometimes question the integrity of the side sewer and will ask for proof the lines are in usable condition.  


Side sewer preventative maintenance.

Another great benefit camera video inspections can have is when the homeowner utilizes the video for preventative maintenance.  Utilizing the camera is a way of catching problems when they are small can keep costs to a minimum.  A quick and affordable spot repair is much cheaper than installing an entirely new side sewer line. 

Precise location of sewer main blockages.

The modern sewer line video camera inspection allows the technician to make informed decisions from the camera inspection.  Guesswork as to the location of sewer blockages are a thing of the past.  

Digging precise location for spot repair on sewer line. Image courtesy by Inland Trenchless of Spokane Washington.
Fast and affordable spot repair can have your sewer line draining normally. Solve sewer line issues before company arrives for the holidays! Call 509-655-3360

Accurate locations for sewer pipe repairs.

After the camera inspection is completed, the technician goes over inspection findings and assures the customer of the best possible remedies for repairs.  

For further sewer repair remedies, check out or pages on sewer line repair here.  See our waterline repair pages here.  

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